We all appreciate the latest technology in cellular phones, personal computers and home technology systems. But most of us do not spend that much time thinking about how recent advances in dental technology can enhance our dental health. Digital Dental X-Ray technology is one of these important advancements that Dr. Nancy Block has embraced. When compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays reduce the patient’s exposure to radiation. Another advantage is the fact that they can be viewed almost instantly, saving you time while producing high-quality, precise imaging for Dr. Block to use as an important diagnostic tool.

Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are important. They provide Dr. Block and her staff with a close up view of the structure of your mouth that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Part of good preventative and acute care is having a thorough exam that includes checking your tooth and gum structure, the roots of your teeth, the bottom portion of the teeth below the gum line, as well as your bite.

Dr. Block may ask for dental x-rays prior to conducting an oral exam, as well as after certain dental procedures. The reason for a dental x-ray, for example, would be to determine if a tooth is continuing to decay under a filling. The decay would not be visible, as it would be hidden by the filling. Only a dental x-ray could detect the problem.

As children and teens grow, there are often changes below the gum line, in the development of the teeth. Hopefully, everything is a positive change, however, there are times when teeth do not align properly and they begin to grow crooked. Wisdom teeth sometimes refuse to emerge and cause impaction issues. Additionally, there are times when teeth simply become overcrowded and Dr. Block is required to take corrective measures.

Whatever the situation, dental x-rays are necessary to pinpoint the problem and allows Dr. Block to devise a treatment plan that is best for you.

Digital X-Rays

Safer and Better Imaging

Digital x-rays provide more accurate images that allow us to provide better dental care. Digital imaging means our office can use the advanced options designed to pick up details that non-digital x-rays cannot.

More importantly, digital x-rays are done quickly and efficiently and expose you to less radiation than conventional dental x-rays. Quality is increased, as digital x-rays provide clearer imagery. As with any digital photograph, digital x-ray technology allows images to be enhanced for greater detailing.

Since Digital radiology is an advanced system which doesn’t use traditional x-ray film, there is no need for “processing” of the image. Not only is it time saving to use digital x-rays, they are also less harmful to the environment because they do not require the use of developing chemicals.

About Dr. Nancy Block

Dr. Nancy Block is a licensed provider of General and Preventative Dentistry as well as Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry and accepts most major dental insurance plans in Illinois.

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